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A non-toxic, recyclable and ocean-safe alternative to ziploc and disposable plastic bags! EcoCanucks' bags are made from premium-quality silicone, a worthwhile one-time purchase that will last you for years; thick, durable yet flexible, easy to wash, and convenient to reuse, they'll help you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.
What Our Customers Are Saying...


Love the idea of using as little plastic as possible...easy to use & seal
 Michelle P. - Vancouver, BC


Excellent for sous vide...cooks beautifully!

Ray Rozycki - Edmonton, AB

Durable, microwave safe... replaces my bulky tupperware container
Christian Vallejo - London, ON
Non-porous silicone material inhibits bacterial growth and no BPA, BPS, or Phthalates 
Thick platinum silicone that won't break with daily use - reusable for years
The best alternative to plastic without giving up the convenience - cook, heat, sous vide and store food all in one bag
Why are EcoCanucks Silicone Bags safer than plastic?
Made from pure platinum silicone, EcoCanucks' bags contain NO BPA, BPS, Phthalates, PVC or any other harmful petroleum-based chemicals. No colors, no fillers either. Just pure, clear and safe silicone. Feel better knowing the food you & your family eat will not be exposed to any of the plastic byproducts & chemicals that are leached by plastic containers and bags, while heating and storing your food.
Leakproof Seal
Keeps your food fresher for longer, prevents freezer burn, and lets you store liquids and other non-dry foods securely. 
Microwave Safe
Meal prep faster - store hot food instantly and pop them into the freezer without worry. Our bags are microwave, hot pot and freezer friendly (upto +220°C/428°F)

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We're a small Canadian business that fully stands behind our product. If you're not satisfied in any way with EcoCanucks bags or have any questions please contact us here or at - We'll be quick to respond and make things right!

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